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Chlorine Demand: Disappearing Chlorine Reading

In recent years the most frequently reported pool maintenance problem is the rapid loss of chlorine in pools, even when the water is balanced and crystal clear. difficulty in holding a chlorine reading, particularly in the spring season, is the … Continue reading

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Nitrification How Green is Green?

A very green pool laden with algae and sludge in the spring has probably undergone “nitrification” a micro-biological process that releases large amounts of nitrogen into the water. Poorly winterized pool water allows naturally occurring Nitrosomonas bacteria to decompose proteins … Continue reading

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Welcome! Amerimerc

When purchasing a new swimming pool pump consider the Intelliflo VS+SVRS 8 speed ASME approved from Pentair Pool Products. Not only do you get the energy savings of a variable speed pump, you get a layer of safety for your pool as this pump is VGB approved as anti suction entrapment device. http://www.amerimerc.com/safety-vacuum-release-system~intelliflo-vs+svrs.htm Continue reading

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