Diving Boards

How to drive properly?
1. Think Ahead

  • Once you’ve started your dive, you don’t have time to think. Know the depth of the water and plan your dive path. Never dive where you don’t know the water depth or where there may be hidden obstructions.

    2. Steer up

    • When you dive down, you must be ready to steer up. As you enter the water, your arms should be extended over your head, hands flat and aiming up. Hold your head up and arch your back. This way, your whole body helps you steer up, away from the bottom.
    • Your extended arms and hands can also protect your head. If a diver’s head hits bottom, major injury to neck and spine can result – so always remember, head and hands up!

      3. Control your dive

      • Sometimes divers lose control through improper use of hands and arms. Practice holding your arms extended, hands flat and tipped up. Like learning to swim or ride a bicycle, you have to learn to make the right moves automatically. Carefully rehearse the proper diving techniques before you dive.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      I’d like to make sure my diving board is properly installed or find someone to install my new diving board. Who should I contact?

    • Visit the dealer locator at diving board manufacturer, S.R. Smith’s website.
    • Make sure your installer is properly trained and certified through the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals’ Certified Service Professional program.
      • Where can I find additional materials about diving board safety to educate myself and individuals using my swimming pool?

      • Go to the “Resources” link on this Web site to find downloadable documents introducing various elements of diving board safety, including a brochure, diving tip sheet and list of common diving myths and facts.
        • Where can I find additional educational programs or publications with the most current diving safety information?

        • The Association of Pool and Spa Professionals offers numerous programs and publications to educate the public about swimming and diving safety.
          • I’d like to outfit my pool with the appropriate safety signs and decals. Where can I find these materials?

          • If the warning labels on your diving board become worn, damaged or misplaced, contact the diving board manufacturer immediately. Most manufacturers will send you replacement labels and decals free of charge.
          • For warning signs to post around your pool area, see a reputable pool retailer.
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