ACU DRIVE XS Variable Frequency Drive

Variable Frequency Drive

The Acu Drive™XS offers built-in intelligence for increased performance in all aquatic pump applications. Specified to save energy, space, costs and time, the Acu Drive XS is built to be the heart of the pump room. With minimal payback time due to energy savings and equipped with a unique feature which continuously displays the time remaining until the drive pays for itself. Built with powerful standard and optional features specifically designed for energy optimization, the Acu Drive XS is perfectly matched with the full line of Pentair Water Commercial Pool and Aquatics’ pumps.


  • High efficiency up to 98%
  • Automatic Energy Optimization
  • Eliminates need for motor starters
  • Built-in DC link reactors for harmonic suppression – no need for external AC input line reactors
  • Integrated disconnects and fusing
  • Dry pump and end of curve detection
  • 2-step ramps (initial ramp)
  • Real-time clock
  • Overload trip protection
  • Indoor & Outdoor-rated enclosures
  • Intuitive user interface with local control panel
  • One drive type for the full power range
  • For use with 3 phase pumps only
  • Every Acu Drive XS, regardless of horse power size, has the same user interface and basic features
  • Every Acu Drive XS is produced and factory tested with a load connected, as a complete assembly
  • Built in DC-link reactors reduce harmonic noise and protect the drive. Integrated EMC filters are also available to minimize RFI interference (meets EN55011 A2, A1 or B)
  • Energy savings using an Acu Drive XS are achieved with even a modest reduction in speed Graphical Display


Unique cooling concept Improves efficiency Reduces contaminants in electronics
Fieldbus options (A-options) Select any common fieldbus protocols
Local Control Panel (LCP) Six-line graphical LCP display
Up to 6 digital inputs
Two 0-10 analog inputs
24V supply option (D-option)
Conformally coated PCBs (optional) Durable in aggressive environments
AC main disconnect (optional)
Graphical Display

Informative overview
Six lines of display
Graphical or numerical display of information
Readout in user-selectable engineering units
Select from up to 27 languages
Backlit for increase visibility
Quick Menues

User-personalized Quick Menu
Changes Made Menu displays the parameters to which changes have been made
Function Setup Menu provides quick set-up for specific applications
Logging Menu provides access to operation history

Illuminated LED’s indicate which function is active
Menu Structure

Based on the field-proven matrix system used in previous series drives
Menu shortcuts access specific functions
Edit and operate in different setups simultaneously
Additional Buttons

Info: an “onboard manual” that provides specific information about each parameter
Cancel: exits the current parameter without saving changes
Alarm log: easy access to a list of all previous alarm conditions

The Acu Drive XS maximizes system reliability with built-in protection against:

System overloads
Phase-to-phase and phase-to-ground
Motor failures
Short circuit
Motor and drive overheating
Ground fault
External fault
Voltage disturbances
Switching on input/output
Power surges
Electrical disturbances
Loss of phase

Minimize motor noise and heating with ASFM

With the ASFM (Adjustable Switching Frequency Modulation) function, the switching frequency is adjusted automatically in relation to the speed of the motor. As speed is reduced, the switching frequency increases to ensure optimally low noise and reduce motor heating
Input line protection from extreme running conditions
Short circuit

The Acu Drive XS is protected against short circuits by measuring the current in each of the three motor phases. A short circuit between two output phases will shut down the drive as soon as the current exceeds the maximum value
Line disturbances and transients

To protect itself from AC line voltage disturbances, the drive monitors all three phases and interrupts drive operation in the event of phase loss or imbalance
Voltage sags and surges

The Acu Drive XS is designed for a wide range of operating conditions. The 480 volt drive will operate from 342-528VAC. The 230 volt drives will operate on 180-264VAC
Maximum Protection Features:
Output protection for longer motor life

Acu Drive XS incorporates both DC-link reactors or motor output protection as standard design features
Thermal protection for the drive and motor

The ETR (Electronic Thermal Relay) is an open loop method built into the Acu Drive XS software to guard against motor overheating, requiring no additional sensors or wiring
This function is UL recognized (Class 20) as an effective guard against motor thermal overload
The Acu Drive XS has built-in thermal protection and also accepts thermistor signal input from the motor to create closed loop thermal protection for the entire system.


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