What is the best Swimming pool pump ?

The swimming pool pump is the heart of the swimming pools circulation/filtration system. The correct swimming pool pump should be able to pump a volume of water that would equal the complete swimming pool capacity at a minimum of every 8 hours. It should be noted that the pool professionals at Amerimerc believe every 6 hours should be considered the minimum.

Each manufacturer’s pump performs differently and the stated horsepower of a swimming pool pump is not a good factor for determining the correct pump for your swimming pool. The important factor is the volume of water pumped in gallon per minute (GPM) against the friction loss of your pool plumbing system (head loss). A head loss of 40 to 50 feet is average for most residential swimming pool systems. We provided a quick performance curve link to quickly to see the GPM at various feet of head loss for each pump. Our expert staff will glad to help you select the right pump for your swimming pool needs.

Above ground pool pumps are not self-priming. They are designed to operate below the water level of the pool and should not be used for above the water level applications such as in-ground pools.

Our high quality in-ground swimming pool pumps are designed to be capable of lifting water and priming itself. This capability varies with different makes and models.
Here are the some examples of Pool Pumps which are the best in their performance

  • The new TriStar Pump features heavy-duty, high-performance pump technology. Easy to install, service and maintain, TriStar outperforms the competition when it comes to flow, efficiency and value. It’s the first to feature a Tri-Lock lid with a large, no-rib strainer basket design that’s quick and easy to clean. Tri-Star bases allow it to seamlessly retrofit into existing pool systems.
  • WHISPERFLO pump incorporates innovative hydraulic engineering to move water more efficiently and quietly than competitive pumps. Under typical operating conditions, WHISPERFLO offers the greatest water flow of any high performance pump—yet with the lowest electrical consumption. To circulate more water in less time and at the lowest cost, choose quiet, reliable, WHISPERFLO.
    WHISPERFLO is engineered to provide optimum performance in a complete range of installations, including pool/spa combinations. It operates suction-side, pressure-side, and in-floor cleaning systems, and is compatible with pressure or vacuum systems, sand filters, diatomaceous earth filters, and cartridge filters.
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